Change P1 WiMAX Modem and WiFi Default Password for Secure Connection

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P1 is one of the pioneers to launch WiMAX services called P1 4G on the 2.3 GHz band in the world, and the FIRST in Malaysia.

I have been using P1 for a year plus now and I am very satisfy with the speed, package and their services. But initially when you subscribe to this service, all packages will come and use the default setting such as the username and password.


So in order to secure your wifi connection you need to change the default setting to user defined. This is important to prevent someone else to take over your connection.

How to change P1 WiMAX DX230 modem password:

By default, the username and password is:

Username: admin
Password: admin123

P1 WiMAX Modem Key Password

P1 WiMAX Modem Key Password

STEP 1: Type “″ in your web browser address bar or click here.

STEP 2: Key in the default username and password as above and click “Ok”.

STEP 3: Click on “Personalization” to go to setting page.

STEP 4: At Web Login Account, enter your old password (admin123) and new password.

STEP 5: Click “Apply” and you are done.

This changes only to block other people from gain control over your modem.

After you have changed the modem default password, you need to change P1 WiMAX WiFi WEP key for more secure connection.

By default, for model DX230 the WEP key is printed on the label and attached at the bottom of your modem.

How to change P1 WiMAX DX230 WiFi password:

For DX230 modem, your default “SSID” and “WEP” can be found at the bottom of your modem.

Change P1 WiMAX WEP Key Password

Change P1 WiMAX WEP Key Password

STEP 1: Go to using your browser.

STEP 2: Key in your username (admin) and password (the one you change  in above instructions).

STEP 3: Click on “Networking” at the top right of the page.

STEP 4: Click on “WIFI”.

STEP 5: Click “Next”.

STEP 6: Under “Use Default” menu, change from “Auto Defined” to “User Defined”.

STEP 7: Under “Common Setting” menu you can change the “SSID” name (wifi name).

STEP 8: You can change the “WEP” key (wifi password) under “Security Setting” menu.

STEP 9: Click “Apply” and you are done.

UPDATE: It is not recommended to use “WEP”, please change it to “WPA-PSK” or “WPA2 PSK”.

WEP Mode: Password with 10 characters, using numbers (0-9) and letters (a-f) only.

WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK Mode: Any password or phrase with 8 letters and more.

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That’s all. If you have anything to add or comment, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

Comments: 24
  • syaza

    what to do if you forget the password for the administrative account? how do we retrieve it?

    • Barzrul

      Hi Syaza,
      We have modem password and Wifi password. Which one do you referring to?

      • guest

        i'm sorry,but i'm a little confused here.
        which one is the modem password or the wifi password?

        • Barzrul


          Modem password is when you try to log in to this address:
          Wifi password is the one you use to connect your PC to wifi connection.

  • guest

    i tried to change my wifi password.
    but then i got a message saying
    | the length of value is wrong

    what's wrong?

    • Barzrul

      That is because your password either it is too long or too short. Try again, I use 8.

    • Shareef Ali

      after enter password clic applay buten

  • Shareef Ali

    i am forget my GO modem login password&username how get back

  • afiq

    mcmner na stop pkai p1 eak, sy na stop..tanak trukan lg

    • Barzrul

      Hi Afiq, awak nak terminate P1 service ka?

  • tyra

    Why i cant open this web adress .. it say might temporary down.. then how come i wanna change my password.. right now, i cant use my wifi bcause i dont know the password, old password also cant open..

  • scha

    Hi i nk tnya,if i nk hide p1 wifi..its should be disable or enable?

    • Barzrul

      Hi Scha, kalau nak hide P1, dekat "Common Setting" -> HideSSID = Enable.

      • scha

        Hi mod,i tried 2 login tapi xboleh msuk,keeps saying login failed-2..what's wrong?can u help me?tq

        • Barzrul

          Yes scha, awak dah penah tukar modem password x?

          • scha

            I think ada tukar but i dah lupa my new password..beside dia x bgtau pn i berjaya or x masa tukar modem password that day..

          • Barzrul

            oo ok. kalo macam tu awak kena reset modem awak dulu then baru login semula guna standard username and password. klik link bawah ni untuk belajar cara reset modem:


          • scha

            Noted,big tq 4 u mod..u r the best :))))

  • Tan Tong Tat

    Urmm hi.. I'd hide my SSID and yet i cannot connect my p1 modem! Could u show me how to unhide it? Urgent plss..

  • Rizal Rodzi

    as salam, bro, menu wifi dalam hilang, macam mana yer? tolong.