Official: Facebook Messenger for Firefox Now Available

For the last few months Mozilla have been building the Social API – a way to allow you to plug your favorite social sites into Firefox.

Facebook Mesenger for Firefox Goes Live

And now they are ready to start their first Social API test with Facebook Messenger for Firefox.

The concept is similar with the one on the site, the friend list, chat window, messages and a real-time notifications too.

The only thing difference is you are connected to Facebook all the time without having the tab open.

To get started just upgrade to the latest Firefox Beta and then visit Facebook like you normally would. When Facebook offers you Firefox integration, it’s a single click to install and give it a try.

It’s just as easy to remove, and obviously if you decline the initial offer nothing will ever be installed. The Social API doesn’t change what social providers can see about your online behavior unless you explicitly decide to share it, but it does make it much easier to stay connected.

Actually the Social API is not just for Facebook, it is designed to support all type of social network site. This integration is just the first step of years to come.

[via Mozilla]