uTorrent Optimization and Speed Up Guide for Best Performance

Useful tips on how you can speed up uTorrent file download.



uTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorent download client. It comes with a configurable bandwidth scheduler, speed limiters and multi-language support to make sure you’ll be able to use it in every corner of the world.

Peer to peer file sharing is actually very fast when it come to downloading and uploading files. With the standard setting, it suppose to be enough for average user.

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But there are a few useful tips to speed up the download process.

A lot of optimization tips you can found out there, but here I will share with you the tricks that actually works for me which can significantly increase the download speed and decrease system load.

uTorrent setting for best performance:

First open your uTorrent, click on “Options” and hit on “Preferences”.

STEP 1: On the “General” tab, make sure you thick all three options under “When Downloading” menu as per below:

uTorrent - General tab Best Setting

STEP 2: On the “Bandwidth” tab, setting under “Number of Connections” menu is the most essential part of the optimization. Below are the configurations for active torrent user.

uTorrent - Bandwidth tab Best Setting

STEP 3: On the “Connections” tab, you might need to enable Firewall exception and disable port randomize every time you start the client. Follow below settings:

uTorrent - Connection tab Best Setting

STEP 4: Finally on the “Queueing” tab, you can control how many active torrents and active downloads, it’s up to you.

uTorrent - Queueing tab Best Setting

All these settings require you to close and re-launch the program before the new configurations can take effect. Actually, these settings are applicable for all torrent user regardless active or average.

You are welcome to share your uTorrent settings and share the experience of the new setting above.

source: “uTorrent Optimization Guide – Best Performance Settings” via Softpedia