How to Start a Voice Chat in BlackBerry Messenger – 7.0

BBM Voice, the long awaited feature now is available in BBM 7 for all devices running under BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 or newer.


BBM 7 [image credit: BlackBerry via]

BBM voice is an enhanced version of current BBM text conversation, RIM is very excited about the transition and even explained how user can take full advantage of this feature on their website.

Actually you can start a voice chat by clicking the voice chat icon, pressing the “Send” key on your BlackBerry smartphone, or selecting the option from the menu.

How to start a voice chat in BBM 7.0:

STEP 1: Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network.

STEP 2: In BBM, during a chat, press the “Menu” key

STEP 3: Navigate to “Contact” (contact’s name)

STEP 4: Select “Start Voice Chat”.

STEP 5: To minimize the call so that you can send a file, click “Open Chat”.

STEP 6: To end a voice chat, you just have to click the “End” key or icon.

For those who own devices running under BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 also will be able to get the feature starting next year.

BlackBerry via YouTube