Watch “The Truth About Steroids” Short Documentary

Here is an interesting short documentary about steroids.

The Truth About Steroids

The Truth About Steroids [image credit: David Rocky via]

“Steroid is a type of organic compound that contains a characteristic arrangement of four cycloalkane rings that are joined to each other,” according to Wikipedia.

This is a story of the biggest muscle in the world, yet they keep getting bigger and why people what them.

Featuring Gregg Valentino, Guinness Book of Record holder for having the world biggest biceps, this documentary explain in detail on why people take steroid although they understand the bad consequences.

Do you think people evolve over time? The answer is YES NO! It is steroid which make human do what machines does, you are bigger, you are faster, you are stronger.

source: “The Truth About Steriods & Synthol – Steroid Documentary” by David Rocky via YouTube