GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad: The Kiss – Bar Refaeli’s Perfect Match!

Supermodel Bar Refaeli experiences the kiss in GoDaddy 2013 Big Game commercial, “when sexy meet smart, your small business scores”.

GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad - The Kiss

GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 Ad – The Kiss [image credit: GoDaddy via]

Refaeli, 27, personifies the sexy side of Go Daddy, while Heiman, 34, playing a Go Daddy engineer, represents its smart side.

“Heiman was a Go Daddy hosting customer long before he was cast to play Walter and he had never been in a Super Bowl commercial … and never kissed a supermodel before,” according to Ad Week.

“Likewise, this is Refaeli’s first Super Bowl commercial. She probably had never kissed a homely character actor before, either,” the site added.

And above statement proved to be true when the one kiss ad took the couple 45 takes before it was perfect to go on air.

– GoDaddy via YouTube | Adweek