Top 5 Most Popular Free Torrent Clients of 2013

To download a torrent file, first you must have a torrent client. Torrent client is a small software used to download a small file that are make up a much larger file which deliver in a small part to many users at the same time.

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Once you installed the torrent client on you PC, you are ready to download torrent files. Some torrent clients have the ability to search the torrent file from the client itself.

But if you prefer external torrent search engine, here are a few suggestions of torrent search engine that you may be interested:

Below are the top 5 torrent clients you can get for free to download torrent files from above sites.

Top 5 most popular free torrent clients of 2013:

#1 uTorrent

µTorrent is a lightweight and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows or Mac with many features.

Visit their website:

#2 BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a fast and easy client for Windows and Mac with many features.

Visit their website:

#3 BitComent

Multilanguage and multitracker capable client for Windows. Developed in C++.

Visit their website:

#4 BitLet

BitLet is an online torrent downloader which runs entirely in your web browser. It allows you to download files using bittorrent without having to install any client program on your computer.

Visit their website:

#5 Vuze

Vuze is easiest to use and best torrent download software on the internet.

Visit their website:

Personally I use uTorrent, you can follow my tip to speed up your torrent download speed using uTorrent HERE.

Note: Be careful of what you download, you may be caught of copyright infringement.

  • cbrian848

    Thx a lot, this article really helped me understand the torrent process. However, I see that you didn't mention here a torrent client that I really like, which is called Torch browser. It has an integrated torrent client, and it can download both magnet links and torrent files. It's totally worth a try.