10 Incredible Close-up Images of Our Daily Foods [Picture]

An extreme close-up images of our everyday food, those images were taken under scanning electron micrograph.

A few type of foods were examined up close under the microscope. I bet you have not seen these before in your life.

A very different angle of view, it’s amazing.

Check them out below.

10 Incredible Close-up Images of Our Daily Foods:


Sugar Close up

A broccoli floret:

Broccoli Close up

A cauliflower:

Cauliflower Close up

A coffee bean:

Coffe Bean Close up

A coffee granules:

Coffe Close up

A meat:

Meat Close up

A grain of salt:

Salt Close up

A strawberry:

Strawberry Close up

A tomatoes:

Tomatoe Close up

I think it look more tasty on our naked eye compare to the above images.