How to Access Blocked Torrent Sites Such as H33T, KAT and TPB

All blocked sites can be access using Opera browser’s built-in free proxy.

H33T Torrent Sites

H33T Torrent Sites

UK’s ISP has taken their step further after blocking The Pirate Bay has been successfully for them.

Recently, together with The Pirate Bay, H33T and KickassTorrents also has been added to the list.

Beside using proxy and, there is very simple way how you can access those blocked torrent sites using Opera browser.

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H33T explained how you can access their site and the other two.

How to configure Opera Browser using built-in free proxy:

First you need to have Opera browser installed, download from here.

STEP 1: Open Opera browser on your computer.

STEP 2: Click on “Opera” on top left of the browser.

STEP 3: Click on “Settings” and click “Preferences”.

STEP 4: Go to “Webpages” tab.

STEP 5: Set “Opera Turbo” from “Off” to “On”.

STEP 6: Click “OK” and you are done.

This is the simplest possible step ever to unblocked the sites.

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Has anyone tried it before? Please share in the comment below. In my country, I can access them without using proxy.

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    It works! Thank you!

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      Mugen110 you are welcome.