Primadona Astro – Episode 25 [Full Episode]

The latest program by Astro Prima called Primadona feature four female celebrities, Erra Fazira, Raja Azura, Ziela Jalil and Rozita Che Wan as the main host of this program.

Primadona Astro

Primadona Astro

For the first time these four famous beauties handle Primadona program that focuses on the issues or concerns about women and provide a variety of useful information and insight to the viewer.

The main target for this program is a housewives to discuss issues that we rarely touch to give them the opportunity to generate income from various angles.

There are a variety of topics that will be discussed weekly and from there the audience will get the latest information as well as useful tips that have to do with beauty, the safety, health and so on.

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source: Astro Prima via YouTube