Will be Blocked in UK by the ISPs Providers

The Premier Leagues has demanded all major Internet providers in UK to block the popular sport streaming sites,

FirstRow Sports Streaming Site

FirstRow Sports Streaming Site

However, the ISPs has no plan to voluntarily to block the site unless there is an order from the court.

According to TorrentFreak, “England’s top football league has informed the major Internet providers that it will request an order from the High Court to block access to the popular sports streaming site”

Considering the history, the England’s football league will unlikely receive much opposition in court.

Firstrow1 has over a million visitors per day and it’s currently among the 500 most-visited websites in the UK. Several of it’s domains were already been seized by the U.S. Government in previous “Super Bowl Crackdown”.

UPDATE: It’s Official, UK ISPs Ordered to Block


  • Stream fan

    It is nonsense. The firstrow proxy sites like are ready

    • Barzrul

      Stream fan Yes, it is like a trend nowadays.