How to Use TinEye to See Who IS Using Your Photos Online is a reverse image search engine which provide you a solution to find who is currently using your photos online by giving you info of where it came from, how it is being used etc.

There are more you can find out such as if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher resolution versions.

Ok now let’s find out how to use it, basically there are two methods of search; by URL or by upload.

How to use TinEye to see who is using your photos:

METHOD 1: Search using website

OPTION 1: To search by upload (i.e. search for an image on your local hard drive), just click the “Browse” button and locate the file that you would like to search for.

OPTION 2: To search by URL, just paste the address of the page or image that you would like to search.

TinEye Search Image

TinEye search [image credit:]

STEP 1: Choose whichever suit your search from two methods above.

STEP 2: Click “Search”.

STEP 3: Click on a possible match (if any were found).

STEP 4: Click “Switch” to toggle between your image and the matching image.

METHOD 2: Search using plugin

TinEye provide more you more easier way to search by using plugin for Firefox, Chrome and IE.

TinEye search image using plugin

TinEye search image using plugin [image credit:]

STEP 1: Simply right-click on any web image (it won’t work with images on your local hard drive).

STEP 2: Select TinEye from the context menu.

You will be whisked away to the TinEye website to see your results.

Firefox plugin is available for download here.

Chrome plugin is available for download here.

Internet Explorer plugin is available for download here.