Watch: Super Spontan 2013 – Week 1 [Full]

Super Spontan second season consisted of 14 participants who were divided into 2 groups: ‘Semut Sentap’ and ‘Ketam Konfius’.

Super Spontan 2013

Super Spontan 2013 [image credit: astro gempak via]

Semut Sentap group consists of Johan Raja Lawak, Tauke Jambu, Ajak Shiro, Noorkhiriah, Jep Sepahtu, Eko SayWho and Rahim R2 managed by Rashid Salleh.

While the Ketam Konfius managed by Razif Hashim comprising Nabil Raja Lawak, Shuib Sepahtu, Almy Nadia, Along Raja Lawak, Yus Jambu, Suhaimi Yusof and Munir.

Super Spontan 2013 still maintains the original format and will broadcast the game for 10 weeks in addition to once again bring Afdlin, Harun Salim Bachik and Amir Raja Lawak will serve as commentator. Ray and Haniff will be paired as new host.

Champion will take home RM100, 000, while the group with the highest score will win RM4000 per week that will go to charity. While the losing team will contribute RM2000.

SMS votes from viewers will decide the fate of the group and each group that scored lowest to get rid of one of their group.

Super Spontan 2013 will be aired on Astro Warna channel 132 in Mustika package every Friday beginning August 30, 2013 at 10.00 pm and aired simultaneously on Mustika HD (channel 134).

UPDATE: Watch: Super Spontan 2013 – Final [Full]

– Astro Gempak via YouTube